A shoe design working station.

A shoe design working station.

What kind of service do I provide?

I provide footwear design and development for brands, startups and footwear enthusiasts.

  1. Design related tasks (research, brief, ideation, concept, drawing, render, tech pack, etc.).

  2. Development (process of bring design into life) from prototyping, sampling to pre-production.

How does process work?

Footwear creation involves a complicated, tedious and professional driven process. I streamline the process with straight forward step by step stages and milestones, which each has its own deliverables to be confirmed.

  1. Initial contact (emails, Skype, etc.) to discuss project/product goals, target and general needs for the viability of a project.

  2. A Project Proposal with an estimate of cost is prepared and reviewed by clients.

  3. A streamlined SOW (Statement of Work) is prepared upon confirmed and signed based on Project Proposal.

  4. An Implementation Plan (timeline) of the project is outlined.

  5. Starting design stage by fulfilling milestone with deliverables.

  6. Upon confirming design, proceeding into development.

How much design service cost?

Every client and project is different. The cost depends on client needs and project size.

A completely client based proposal is customized, that is as efficient, effective and cost friendly as possible.

  1. Project based fee are depends on the overall scope of a project, which is from design to develop a sample.

  2. An hourly charge is for consulting jobs. This type of job usually are conversation, knowledge driven and short in scope. Sometimes clients are in need of specific information in design areas. It usually only requires few hours a week.

What types of deliverables do I provide?

All drawings, documentations are custom formatted for each client. All drawings are in digital format, original software files (if applicable) and pdf. view files.

Do I make samples?

Yes, I do. I work with qualified factories, facilities and resources based on footwear types and project sizes.

Will a non-disclosure agreement be signed?

Yes, a non-disclosure agreement will be signed if and when there’s sensitive information regarding a product or a project.

What’s the benefits of working with a banana.design?

  1. a banana.design is a small brand with high standards. The brand is not driven by mass production for manufactory efficiency purpose. The brand is solely design driven. The goal is to bring diversity, creativity, functionality and freshness to footwear market. Every pair of footwear is designed and created with a sense of purpose in existence.

  2. I have over 15 years of design and development experiences with major footwear companies. I am extremely skilled at utilizing development resources. To me, limited resources and controlled budgets are not issues, but opportunities for problem solving when comes to design and product creation.

  3. a banana.design is a small and focused footwear design and development brand. Since the profit of services is not driven by mass production, low fee is ensure.

  4. a banana.design key operation is in Shanghai, China. There’s easy and quick turn around of development.

  5. Footwear design is my passion! Passion is hard to come in the world of sales driven market.

  6. I want to share my passion in design with brands, startups and individuals in pursuing and fulfilling a dream.


So if you have needs, interests or just an idea for a footwear product, or have any inquires, please contact me.