My name is Guoyi Gu. I eat, sleep, and breath the world of design, footwear design in particular. When it comes to designing footwear, I am a strategist. My knowledge of footwear design lays in over a decade of experiences in the world of footwear design and innovation.

My professional years of footwear design including brands like REEBOK (Rockport), NIKE (Umbro), PONY, FUBU and FRYE BOOTS. I have also designed and consulted footwear projects for FILA China. I create abanana.design brand to share my knowledge and skills in footwear design and product creation with footwear and design communities.

Footwear design is my passion. It is truly what makes me tick. Which is why I’ll be there every step of the process - from scribbles to final blues to prototyping-with an unrivaled enthusiasm to make every pair great.

Check out my personal Instagram account at abanana.design. I post drawings and share skills on a regular base.

For more information about my professional working experiences.

Creative Design & Service Guide is a visual documentation of design process based on my work.