a is a product creation and service brand that mainly focuses on footwear design and development. The brand is created in 2018 by a footwear designer since 2002. The objective is to create product diversity that drives trend. Working in synergy with brands, startups and footwear enthusiasts, it customizes every product that meets the highest standard and market expectations. At a banana.deisgn, design is beyond the process and art of planning and making detailed drawings of a product. Design is a solution to product creation, and key in product creation is creativity.


"It’s easy to think product design is about drawing 'pretty pictures'. In a way it is, But there’s a lot more. it's also to meet a timeline, control budget, utilize development availability, fulfill market requirements and develop brand growth. design is a product creation process that solves a series of specific issues with specific solutions."



The brand creator has over 15 years footwear creation experiences that include design branding footwear to portfolio signature shoe for startup, from product brief to solving specific technical problems, from prototyping to tooling development. He has an excellent skill in communicating ideas through drawings.

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