free download - shoe tongue line art

As a designer in product creation industry, adobe illustrator is a big part of our professional life. When I started in footwear design as an assistant, illustrator has been my best friend and pain in my neck (literally). This is one application I have to use on a daily basis. Pretty much the entire design industry is based on a line art form of CAD drawing, line art technical specifications, line art cad color ups, graphics elements, etc.

Using illustrator to trace a shoe is a must have process in footwear design. Illustrator line art is a gateway to translate design to a form that factory can understand for development. It is a time consuming task. It takes patient, skills, sense in technical and aesthetics. When tracing a design in illustrator is not just merely following a drawing to a tee, I had to understand the use and purpose of a certain piece in a design. Otherwise, there will be misunderstanding when technical drawings is pass to factory for development.

With such a time consuming tasks at hand, I couldn’t stop hoping what if there’s existing illustrator parts available to be used when tracing a design. That way I didn’t have to go through this tedious process on every shoe design. Unfortunately, it never happened even with great deal of searching online. I could never find the professional level of line art that is available to use. Not until now.

I started to collect illustration line arts during my work. Now that you can download for free here. They are editable pdf format. Just right click to download linked file. You can use them any way you want by replacing logo. Each download is a set of two, pick and choose the ones you like to use.

I will add other parts from time to time. Enjoy!