Apply graphics on rubber shoes method two - thermal vacuum

This is the second method of apply graphics onto a rubber shoes, which is thermal vacuum transfer. This method is different with method one, water transfer. Sometime the design requires only partial graphic applications onto a shoe, which the water based transfer is not the best method.

When applying partial graphic onto a shoe, masking is required. Masking is applying masking tape to cover the areas where graphics doesn’t needed. This masking is a time consuming and labor tense task.

Also this method requires special machine called thermal vacuum transfer machine.

Take a look a below short videos to have a full understanding how thermal vacuum transfer graphics onto a shoe is done.

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Step One: Taping

Taping of printing edge where graphics doesn’t apply.

Step Two: Apply lacquer thinner

A layer of lacquer thinner is applied in order for film to be transferred easily.

Step Three: Drying

Shoes are going through a heat and wind tunnel to be dried.

Step Four: Thermal vacuum

Shoes are being vacuum thermal transferred.

Step Five: Forming

Straight from thermal machine, shoes are being placed into a forming tube to keep graphics firmly onto shoes.